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 COTW: Geralf's Messenger

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PostSubject: COTW: Geralf's Messenger    Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:58 pm

So after a long time of no card reviews we'll begin again :3

Geralf's messenger is a three drop (all swamp) zombie. Now in most dual colors decks its hard enough getting two swamps out but three is almost of the question!! He fits in perfectly in mono black decks though :3

He is a 3/2 body with undying. This allows him to be buffed up to a 4/3 upon Resurrection. Unfortunately he stumbles a bit when he comes out and becomes tapped....thats fine though because what makes Geralf really shine though is his effect. Whenever he comes onto the battle field target player loses two life. So when he comes on and when he comes back with undying your opp. loses, in total, 4 life! That doesn't include the times you'll be swing with him!

useabiltiy in Standard: 4/5
It is a really good card but it is very black heavy......Still a great card though but it would have been busted if it were a 1 c 2b

Useability in Modern: 3/5
He is quickly outclassed by many other good cards that fit in the three drop zone and are heavy black...

Legacy useability: 1/5
doesn't have what it takes unfortunately.....

Art: 4/5
I really love how foreshortening of teh hand and the fumes coming his mouth!!

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COTW: Geralf's Messenger
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