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Who knew playing children's card games could be so fun?
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PostSubject: The Kitten Pride   The Kitten Pride EmptyFri Jun 15, 2012 5:00 pm

The Kitten Pride 8jnn9d10The Kitten Pride Imagec20

Would you look at that 3 drop Ajani Very Happy

And 4 loyalty, it'll last long

+1 An insta pump to any creature of yours, or tear apart your opponent's undying combo too, this can combo with creatures such as Champion of Lambholt, so your creatures become unblockable, be mindful it says up to one creatue gets a +1/+1 counter, no worries even if you have no creatures he still gets the loyalty increase because you don't have to give anyone a counter

-3 This ability is sweet flying and double strike, laugh in your opponent's face as you avoid their minions and slap them twice, though not always as strong as Elspeth's +3/+3 and flying though, still a good ability nonetheless, it can be a finisher

-8 White Suns Zenith with Your Life, another series of tokeners, 50 life 50 2/2 Cats RAWR!!!!

I can see this card used quite a bit, its quite easy to play and can easily ruins someone's day Very Happy I like it, hey it works with Sun Titan while it's still in standard, think about it fly and double strike on Sun Titan, somehow Ajani dies and Ressurect it once more with Sun Titan since it's a 3 drop, that or massively pump Sun Titan and then double strike fly, what more can you ask for Very Happy

Be on the watch for Ajani and his Mancats vs Thalia and her Kittens


Damnit I didn't think that I want it until I thought of how it would effect exalted now i need it for edh Idea

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PostSubject: Re: The Kitten Pride   The Kitten Pride EmptySat Jun 16, 2012 3:13 am

I love this Ajani to death, its amazing.
And hey! He can be in the same deck as Thalia xD

That second abillity, with and unblockable + Exalted.

And then the last one i think was for kicks. And to fit his name xD

You'll never know what's so great about the door.

Artworks of Mine, Yes this is a link.
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The Kitten Pride
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