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Who knew playing children's card games could be so fun?
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    PostSubject: Generation force...   Generation force... EmptyFri Aug 12, 2011 10:09 pm

    With the release of Generation force what do you think will happen to the meta?
    Will XYZs and XYZ summons (called alphabet soup from now on) replace synchros? Or are they watered down replacements?

    Elemental Heros got some more support and so did the whole "Hero" archetype in general. How will it affect their playstyle?

    Will the new banish (remove from play) fish be any good?

    I like turtles :p

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    PostSubject: Re: Generation force...   Generation force... EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 5:33 pm

    The XYZ might overshadow sychros if they keep getting supports like they are now. Once they lose the gravity bind and we get back oppression, things might change a bit.
    XYZ do shine in the fact they can pop out of NOWHERE if you aren't used to fighting them.

    HEROs will always get support, I just never pay attention to them.

    And I heard the Aquabanish archtype isn't exactly....good.

    You'll never know what's so great about the door.

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    Generation force...
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