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     Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History

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    Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History Empty
    PostSubject: Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History   Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 3:24 am

    This is me theorycrafting here but I kinda feel that Nicol Bolas will actually have something to do w/ "OLD" lily here. Some of the details that wizards put on Dark Ascension is that "While Liliana is out slaughtering her former demonic masters she may be exchanging them for a greater master...or somethign to the like"

    If I got my Magic history right, in Kamigawa there is a spirit by the name of "Myojin of Night's Reach" also a card. His mask gave its wielder the power to manipulate and control "Black Mana" even from enemies, this sort of reminds me of Liliana's massive rise in power. The history says that Nicol Bolashad arrive on Kamigawa and claimed this Mask.

    Lets move forward into a bit of Dominaria...Jeska, a gladiator, much like her brother Kamahl fought in the pits. Well Jeska had the latent spark of the planewalker, the old kind with enough power to create a world. Well much before that Jeska was captured by the Cabal Patriarch. He aimed to kill her outright from the start until he felt her latent power. He sought to use that for his advantage and corrupted her with the power of rot and decay. She became the being known as Phage the Untouchable.

    She was responsible for the death of Ixidor's love which led him into creating the Angel Akroma. Later on she came in contact w/ Ixidor's dream magic and the death wurms, the corrupting source came materialized and began to destroy Dominaria. Not wanting this to happen she forcefully recalled the wurms and still lived as the damned Phage. All but one wurm was returned, this last wurm contained the soul of Ixidor's lost love whom he wanted to spend his last moments with despite Akroma wanting to save him.

    Akroma still honoring her purpose of destroying Phage led a battle against her. Kamahl later forged a weapon from the Mirari called the Soul Reaper. In the midst of the fight between Akroma and his sister Jeska now Phage, he swung his weapon and slain both women and accidently another woman by the name of Zagorka. Their combined essence after their slaughter merged into the grand being "Karona" the physical embodiment of Dominaria's magic.

    Karona was conflicted about her purpose for existence. As the incarnate of Magic itself she then found followers which led her to believe she is a Goddess. Confused in her false role she opened five portals each bring about a being who held dominance in their respective colors. She is said to have met Yawgmoth after his destruction, while this was misconceived as that Yawgmoth is alive it is presumed that it could be a vision that she created as all five beings hailed from Dominaria whom she is the magic of. Apparently the meeting with "Yawgmoth" snapped her and made her a darker person.

    She then journeyed around the multiverse arriving on planes such as Serra's Sanctum and Phyrexia "not to be confused with Mirrodin's New Phyrexia."Serra asked her to leave her realm while Gaea rejected her presence on the dying world. The last place she ventured was on a Metallic World, there she met a man who claimed to serve Lord Macht (Karn), tho she sees through his ruse in that he is Lord Macht himself. He told her of his workings with the Mirari and she eased his mind stating that it wasn't his fault. For doing that he transported Karon back to Dominaria where she belonged.

    After returning she became power-mad, began to create and army and destroy each city one by one. Kamahl was given the mission by Lord Macht to put her down with the help of the three Numena and his Mirari Sword. As they confronted her, she easily dispatched the Numenas and forcibly made Kamahl bow down on his knees. As she dictates her death decree her two most trusted friends Sash and Waistcoat who joined her on her multiverse traveled betrayed her and stabbed her with the Mirari Sword under the advice of Lord Macht. With her death brought about Akroma and Zagorka, both dead, and lastly Jeska who lived due to her ignited spark. Somewhere along the lines of the story Kamahl died a hero while working to repair the damage caused by the event and Dominaria's lost of most of its magic.

    Many centuries later came the "Temporal Crisis", which torn apart Dominaria with its many rifts. Jeska a fully realized planes aimed to search for "Karn." Realizing the critical situation she decided to help but only because it will further her own cause. She was visited by a planeswalker by the name of "Leshrac" who offered her "The Mask of Night's Reach" to help her, but she refused but not realizing that she was unknowningly falling under his control. He planned to use Jeska's dormant Phage powers of rot and decay to take down "Nicol Bolas."

    Jeska has been recruiting other planeswalkers to help close the rifts: Rahda and Venser both at the time were part of the Neo-planeswalkers. Most of the time Jeska was takign Rahda's mana to forcibly close the rifts without consulting Teferi thus causing a phasing of lands. Later she ventured to Yavimaya to close the rift there, Multani a maro-sorcerer wanted to ease her of aggresive thoughts but Leshrac's influence caused her to lash out and incinerate his physical form, then she took both Rahda's and Multani's mana to close the rifts there.

    Jeska arrived onto Madara only to be surprised by Leshrac who used his Mask of Night's Reach to strip her of her Phage powers and ordering her to fight Bolas. She however refused with Bolas's influence so Leshrac trapped her in stoen to prevent interference. With his new powers over Black Mana Leshrac fought Nicol Bolas and seemingly had the upper hand, Bolas weakend with every rotting blow until the very end he revealed that he alone had the real "Mask of Night's Reach" and with it he annihilated Leshrac and then used his essence to close the Madaran Rift. Bolas freed Jeska and told her that the last rift in Otaria was too powerful and unable to be closed.

    Still determined to face this challenge she headed to Otaria with her Rahda and Venser by her side. This portal in Otaria was unique, it is the very location of the birth of "Karona" as well as her death. With her friends staying by her side, they teleported to the heart of the rift. There Jeska met with the image of Karona, with every bit of her power she charged the image to shatter it spreading her planeswalker essence over all of the rifts of Dominaria closing them all leading to the Great Mending. After her death she is seen in a white void reuniting with her brother.

    Now were come to the part where Liliana discovered the "Chained Veil." When worn she gained immeasurable power and manipulation over "Black Mana" which she used to eliminate her demon masters one by one. What actually led her to discovering the "Chain Veil"? I don't think an artifact with that much power lying around was by mere coincidence. Could this be the "Mask of Nights Reach"? Even if it is the fake one used by Leshrac, it still showed that it could grant considerable power.

    I think that Nicol Bolas placed that there for Liliana Vess to grab. She is trading masters after all. We all know that Bolas has a history of getting insane people to work for him Tezzeret and Sarkhan Vol, what's keeping him from getting one more.

    Sorry for this being so long, but what do you guys think? Got your own theories? Share Them!!

    Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History 1011490
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    Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History Empty
    PostSubject: Re: Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History   Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History EmptyMon Jan 16, 2012 5:10 am

    Bolas, Bolas, Bolas. He's everywhere.
    Quote :
    Jeska a fully realized planeswalker, aimed to search for "Karn."
    First Karona then Jeska, then Venser, Koth, and Elspeth. Everyone is looking for that damn golem.

    Now that you bring it up, it makes sense if that mask and the same one. However, that's one HELL of a throwback. If it is however, that'll be pretty sweet. Maybe Wizards will bring it up?

    You'll never know what's so great about the door.

    Artworks of Mine, Yes this is a link.
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    Considering Liliana's Mask and Jeska's History
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