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Who knew playing children's card games could be so fun?
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 Tournament Report: Dark Ascension

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PostSubject: Tournament Report: Dark Ascension   Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:54 am


So I went to Collectors Heaven for the Dark Ascension Pre-release. We get our packs, 3 Dark and 3 Innistrad, and we open them. My pulls were TERRIBLE and my mythic was the Reaper from the Abyss. After looking over what I had pulled I deiced to make a Black/White humanesque deck with some zombies…….The only good cards in there were: Reaper from the Abyss, Champion of the Parish, Gather the Townsfolk, and Unburial Rites……
Round 1
This game was pretty one sided for the most part. His deck was fairly well made, or at the very least he drew very well, because he would get the Zombie Captain out and have spells that would create more zombie tokens. I often missed my land drops and I drew nothing but Instants and Sorceries. I usually started off with 1 creature and a spell that would generate human tokens  Funny thing was John and Matthew had to play against each other Round 1.
After reviewing my deck everyone decided I should switch out the white for Red. The white I had supported humans but the humans I had were few and far between.
Round 2
…..Worst game of the day for me. This guy pulled the nuts at the pre-release! Game one he wiped my board continuously with Olivias effect (most of my creatures had 1 toughness…..). He just kept swinging with Olivia (+6). Obviously I did not draw any creatures/removal.
Game 2
He summoned Stromkirk Noble turn 1 and I played a land turn 1. He swung with the Stromkirk turn two to put a +1 on him. At the end of it all he had Sorrin, Olivia, Stromkirk (+3), and Rackish Heir on the field and I scooped it up. Lucky guy that’s all I have to say.
After Round 2 a break was called. John, Matthew, Xin chen, and I all walked over to CVS to get some drinks and snacks. When we came back the sweet scent of pizza filled the air………..I should have gotten a piece T^T We reviewed my deck again and we decided to replace the black with blue.
Game 3
This guy had even worse luck than me in his games. Both games I kept attacking and he had no responses. Eventually he showed me his deck and in it he pulled Liliana and the flip sword. He had great cards but nothing to back them up. I felt terrible winning this game….
Round 4
I can’t remember this match too well. I won game 1 fairly easily but lost game 2 and 3 because of bad draws…….
After the tournament I got my two packs! The first pack was meh at best but my second had: the Blue/white mythic, A holo (as xin chen dubbed her) old lady, young wolf (I love this card), and scorned villager. I traded for another Immerwolf from the player in Round 4 and the guy behind us (who got maybe 3 and 3 extra packs) pulled a SORRIN AND FOIL SORRIN.
Over all it was really fun :3
Anyone who has Hunter of the Fells/Ravager of the Fells or Copperline Gorge trade it to me please~~


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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Report: Dark Ascension   Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:19 am

what!!! i dubbed her granny
the guy behind u pulled 2 sorins 2!!!!!

well my first match went pretty easy i got 2 - 0
the guy i dueled used black red, in every match i got about 3-6 creatures out to sweep, he didnt have many creatures but he did have good removal, though unfortunately it wasnt enough and my board beat his thanks to GRANNY!

my second match was horrible i got paired with John after he said that we would get paired up... thx a bunch.. jerk
i had horrible draws in both rounds, in the first i was doing fine with good creatures but i couldnt pulled out a second forest and before i did it was blown up
round two i was stuck on 2-3 plains and well you know the rest
for funsies i beat him after getting a curse on him RNG WHY DO U HATE ME

my third match was shit damn close... first round i was able to gather up many creatures with a bunch of instants that kept my creatures alive while killing his.
second round i didnt get as much luck he always managed to get his undying green 2 drop thing i spend 3 cards gettign rid of that
the last tie breaker round would have been mine if i paid attention to my own RAY OF REVELATION!!!!! it was in my hand for many turns while i allowed his 2 enchantments which gave his werewolves a major bonus... there was a strand of hope of winning..but i cracked i thought he had a bump in the night which would have finished me off making me kill one of my unblockables
good game trey

the last match was pretty cool my W/G vs his U/B first round he kept milling me which worked to my favor because i had a kessig cagebreaker i swung with 8 wolf tokens
round two, i got screwed over he got the zombie captain and his moon heron killed me
round three i was able to keep his massive group of creatures at bay with my two deathtouch vipers and spider and also GRANNY!!!! but she didnt shave, so then i played cagebreakers swung for 3 wolves and then 6 in total

This first prerelease was awesome, i didnt pull anything amazing aside from Thalia, i found out that i seriously want to make/complete my Green/white humans which i end up making into green/white tokens
TY Daro for taking me there and sharing your cards and TY to Matt and John for presigning us up for the first wave................................................................the end.

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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Report: Dark Ascension   Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:51 am

Was verses Matt. I won the first game, then he owned me the next two (like always).
HOWEVER he decided to drop, so he gave me the win!

Was verse Xin-Chen.
Sorry bro, you just missed those land drops.

Was verses another vampire deck I believe, except better cards. Overall, it was CLOSE. In the third game, if he didn't Fling for game properly (he took a while to plan all the attacks out and his moves), I would've flashback Bump in the Night for game.
The game I lost beforehand was from Curse of the Pierced Heart or something. That wore me down until I couldn't handle any of his vampire's attacks. The game before THAT, land destruction won by knocking out his ONLY forest, and he just couldn't draw another.

Verse some guy with wolves.
It was kinda easy, mostly I won by spamming Undying on Wakedancer to get Zombies (did it every game) and then owned with some majorly buffed Vampires. Not saying it was like, easy easy. But The worse thing that popped up was this nasty Bear, and grandma... but I took care of them as fast as my deck (with like no removal) would let me =C

Overall, it was 10x better than the innistrad Pre-release. Like for real.
I best thing I pulled is Mikaeus the Unhallowed, which I used in my deck, almost always drew into, but rarely played.
I hope the next pre-release is this fun!

You'll never know what's so great about the door.

Artworks of Mine, Yes this is a link.
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Report: Dark Ascension   Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:28 pm

I'm glad everyone had fun at their pre-release :3
I can't wait for Avacyn's Return!


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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Report: Dark Ascension   

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Tournament Report: Dark Ascension
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