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Who knew playing children's card games could be so fun?
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 Prerelease Avacyn Restored

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PostSubject: Prerelease Avacyn Restored   Prerelease Avacyn Restored EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 6:43 pm

So hey, did any of you guys go to prerelease and open the helvault? I've seen two of you creepers on Saturday so how's about the rest of you guys?

Share what deck you made and your amazing pulls down below in the typing box and press send.

I went for 2 waves of prerelease i dropped midway in wave 1
I first made Red/White Angelic Aggro with many quick red spells such as Thatcher Revolt and Lifelink creatures like Seraph of Dawn to keep myself alive.
This deck went 2 wins/1 loss at round 1 and 2 wins/0 loss at round 2 before i dropped for the second wave

In wave two i created blue/black friendless control with Demonic Rising triggering making a 5/5 demon token when my creatures have no friends, then i would use Peel from Reality to bounce the nontoken creature and something annoying on m opponent's side so the Demonic Rising will trigger again giving me a second 5/5 demon.
This deck had difficulty w/ faster decks and ones also with flying. it went 2/0 1/2 1/2

Some really cool cards i pulled are as follows:
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage -1
Entreat the Angels -2
Treacherous Pit-Dweller -1 (Foil)
Silverblade Paladin -1
Champion of Lambholt -1
Thunderous Wrath -3 (1 Foil)
Prerelease Moonsilver Spear -2 (Gave one away to Spike)

From the Helvault i've obtained:
Doubled Side Angel/Demon Token -2
Avacyn Restored Life Counter Dice -1
Oversized EDH Griselbrand -1
Oversized EDH Bruna, Light of Alabaster -1

This event was fun, but it went for so long, the first wave finished about the same time as the second wave, still fun though

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Prerelease Avacyn Restored
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